Belfast Sinn Féin juggernaut marches on

I would just like to congratulate our comrades in West Belfast who made history when they managed to secure 5 out of 6 seats in Wednesday's election.

The person who lost out was the DUP's Diane Dodd's, who despite increasing her vote was no match for the Sinn Féin juggernaut!

On a personal note I would have preferred Alex Attwood to be the casualty but you can't have everything.

When I first went to QUB I remember attending canvass and electoral training which was provided by our comrades in the west. Now by the time I went to QUB I had already taken part in quite a few elections North and South.

That being said I was very impressed by the clinical precision which West Belfast showed in their electoral preparations.

Now that is not something you will hear very often from a South Armagh man, praise for Belfast. Though credit where credit is due, when it comes to elections they are still the masters.

With the election of 5 MLA's in West Belfast, 2 MLA's in North Belfast and 1 MLA in South Belfast Sinn Féin have placed themselves as the dominant party in Belfast.

I would like to congratulate our Belfast comrades on their great achievement

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