Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hyland???

It was with much sadness and indeed a palpable degree of anger and disgust that I learned that former Sinn Fein MLA for Newry/Armagh Davy Hyland is to contest the forthcoming elections as an 'Independent Republican' candidate (no seriously I'm not joking he really is!!!).

Whilst I acknowledge the hurt and pain Davy must be experiencing after his acrimonious de-selection I believe that Davy has gone down the wrong road by leaving the party and thus further splitting the republican vote in the area.

I would like now to acknowledge the sterling work Davy done whilst a councillor on NMDC. However truth be told that when elevated to a full time paid political rep Davy just could not make the grade. This was manifest in the fact that he received only 3 votes at the recently held election convention. Surly there are more than 3 members of Davys own cumann?

I recognise that after 25 years servitude to the republican cause and movement the de-selection must have been a bitter pill for Davy to swallow. However the party membership had their say and choose a very capable and willing candidate in welfare rights champion Mickey Brady (maith thu Mickey and good luck in your campaign).

Davy is at the moment a wounded ego intent on lashing out at republicans and using any excuse to justify doing so.

Where were your concerns on policing in the days prior to the convention Davy???

The 25 years service I spoke of earlier could indeed be erased in one fell swoop should Davy cost republicanism a seat in the elections. As everyone knows Davy is using the policing issue as a smoke screen for abandoning ship after being deselected.

However more pathetic than this is the fact that Davy is willingly allowing himself to be ruthlessly manipulated by malcontents with an anti-Sinn Fein agenda. The rag-tag band of dissident ruffians weighing in behind his campaign proves this beyond irrefutable doubt.

When you have Pat Mc Namee, Jim Mc Allister and the IRSP speaking out in your favour, you know your republican credentials are pretty much bollocked. I say to Davy that the people of Newry/Armagh will have their say on 7th March and they will see you for what you rightly are: a wounded ego.

-On 8th March where will the malcontents that are so eager to back you now be Davy???

-What will you do when it is Mickey Brady who wins the Newry seat???

Obviously your scheme was not too well thought out Davy. I would like to finish by wishing you luck Davy, because you really do need it (failing that invest in a fairy godmother and you should be alright!!!!).

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