Vótáil Sinn Féin

It seems the Assembly election is underway albeit at a trot rather than a gallop. This is perhaps one of the most important elections that Sinn Féin has fought since 1918.

At the moment we have the Stoops on our left flank fighting for survival as they have always fought for political relevance. On our other flank we have a rag tag bag of reprobates, divided and leaderless.

This election is being heralded as the election when Sinn Féin falters, the election that will punish us for our recent initiative on policing. I believe that these prophets of doom are sniffing too much air freshener.

There are people fighting this election on an "anyone but Sinn Féin" ground. They don't care if the seats fall to Unionists or even god forbid, the stoops! This motley crew are united only by their hatred of the Sinn Féin agenda.

They have no policies, no strategy and a vote for them is not a vote for progress.

It is a vote for stagnation and failure!

This is the election in which to maximise the Sinn Féin vote,. This is the election where we need hardworking Sinn Féin MLA's in there to press forward with the All-Ireland agenda.

We don't need British direct rule ministers making decisions on water charges, rates, education and health.

We need Irish people who are elected by Irish people and as such accountable to Irish people to be taking these decisions.

I have exams next week and then I am back for a fortnight. When I come back next weekend I intend to look at each of the constituencies individually

Tis going to be some craic before its all over!

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