Newry/Armagh Election Broadcast by Cathal Boylan

Following on from my post yesterday about the Newry and Armagh constituency I would like to draw your attention to an Election Broadcast by one of our canditates, Cathal Boylan.

Cathal has been on Armagh City and District Council since 2005. He is currently the Sinn Féin Party Group Leader for Armagh Council and is a member of the Internal Scrutiny Committee, Public Services Scrutiny Committee, The public Parks Scrutiny Committee and the Market Place Theatre Management Board.

He is also Vice –chairperson of both the East Border Region Partnership and the Local Strategy Partnership (LSP).

A lifelong resident of Keady, he has a deep passion for the GAA and is an active member of the local GAA Club, where he has been involved in coaching and underage football for many years.

He sits on the recently formed Keady Regeneration Committee, and for many years his membership of Keady Residents Association has involved his participation in discussions with the Parades Commission.

The married man is the Chairperson of the local Mc Verry / Mc Elvanna Sinn Féin Cumann of which he was a founder member.

I would like to congratulate Armagh Ógra Shinn Féin for this very sucessfull video.

I would like to wish Cathal all the best in the election and look foward to him being a strong representative for Newry and Armagh after this election.

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