Frazer Watch: New Allegations

I was surprised this morning when I opened my e-mails to see that I had an e-mail from a person who claimed to be a loyalist from South Armagh.

Upon reading this e-mail I was in two minds as of what to make of it as it contained a lot of allegations against Willie Frazer from a person who claims he was once close to him.

Now this site, perhaps the only site on the web, has been to the fore in exposing the bigotry and rank hypocrisy of Willie Frazer. While this document contains allegations which I and other Republicans in South Armagh are well aware of it also contains some new and interesting allegations.

The person who e-mailed me said that some of these allegations could be substantiated if I dug a little and that is what I intend to do before I expose myself to the threat of libel.

These new allegations range from the political, the personal and the financial in relation to Frazer.

The e-mail contains information about some of Frazer's dead relatives, the organisations that they were part of and the roles that they played within these illegal organisations.

If the person who contacted me was genuine, and I have no way of knowing, then he can rest assured that when I have enough evidence gathered to back up these allegations I will publish them.

Balrog's Frazer Watch continues...

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