Bloody Cheek

It was with much fury and a descending red mist that I read some of the comments of the IRSP about the republican movement in the build up to last weekends specail Ard Fheis.

Who are these ruffians trying to fool? They are no more republican than any of the other dissident groups and have an absolute cheek to accuse Sinn Fein of selling out the republican cause over policing.

Were the IRSP so worried about the republican cause when their cohorts in the Irish National Lunatic Association were peddling drugs in Inner City Dublin and North Belfast???

These guys never had republican credentials in the first place to sell them out. The INLA are descended from a long line of criminals that have brought nothing but ignominy and opprobrium on the republican liberation struggle.

Gone are the days when those of credibility like O'Hara, Lynch, Devine, Convrey and Bunting donned the green battle dress and took to the streets to engage the Brit war machine in combat.

The army's war may well be over, but those like the INLA and Coca Cola heads never begun a war never mind bring one to a successful conclusion. These chaps are not republican, they are only interested in lining their own pockets hence the fact they spend more time killing each other than killing Brits.

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