Zionists up the ante!

I see that the Zionists are planning a tactical Nuclear strike against Iran if the International community does not conform to their every whim.

The duplicity of Israel is a sight to be seen, Zionist foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev said 'Israel totally supports Resolution 1737 and the international community must be ready to take even tougher measures against Iran.'

This in despite of the fact that Israel is in defiance of more UN Security Council resolutions than any other country on Earth!

Perhaps it is time for people to stand up and reaslise that the biggest destabilising influence in the Middle East has been and will always be Israel.

Perhaps it is time for the International community to stop sideing with Zionists and state terrorists and show Arab counties that the UN will practise what it preaches.

Perhaps it's time the International community stood up to Israel and said

"Enough is Enough!, your agression will no longer go unpunished!"

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