Once a stick, always a stick!

I see that Stickius Maximus AKA Pat Rabbitte has been less than confident in relation to the chances of an "Alternative Coalition" actually gaining power at the next General Election.

Despite claiming that the "Alternative Government" AKA Blueshirts and Sticks will win the next election he has refused to rule out coalition with Fianna Fail.

He has said that he wants Fianna Fail out of government but I am not convinced for one moment that he wouldn't go to bed with Fianna Fail if it meant political power.

What does surprise me and always has is why a so-called "left wing" party would ally itself with one of the most right wing and reactionary parties in the state in the form of Fine Gael?

I have spoken to Labour party members about this in the past, who are genuinely left wing, and they can't provide me with an answer.

Do they honestly believe that the objectives of Connolly and Larkin can be implemented by putting the blue shirts in power?

This 'coalition' of the weak and worthless would be the worst option for the country as neither of these clowns could run a piss up in a brewery never mind run a country.

I firmly believe that Rabbitte will be removed as leader after the next election as the general membership of the Labour party want to implement left wing policies, they don't want a Fine Gael love in and that is what is leadership stint has been.

This can be viewed already with Howlin arguing that Labour shouldn't rule anything out as the top priority is to "advance the aspirations of the party and its supporters".

Watch your back Pat, the vultures are already circling and it is only January!

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