Judicial Independence

In the typical Republican tradition I value the separation of powers, namely the separation between an executive, a legislature and a Judiciary. It is because of this belief that I view with deep unease McDowell's plan to introduce a judicial council.

This move follows the breakdown in confidence between the Minister for Justice and the Judiciary when before Christmas McDowell accused some judges of being soft on bail and sentencing.

At the time I viewed this as a "crossing of the line" by McDowell in relation to the separation powers.

I am in two minds on the issue of a judicial council.

I understand the need for Judicial independence but I also understand the worry of placing too much power in the hands of people who are not elected by the people and who can't be held accountable by the people.

That being said this is nothing more than a window dressing exercise by McDowell in an attempt to deflect attention away from his utter incompetence as Minister for Justice.

He simply limbers from one crisis to the next with no thought of forward planning. With McDowell it is always a clean up job.

We had the mess up with Mr A and the Rape law, what did McDowell do to prevent this scenario?

Nothing! Despite the fact that the law commission had made submissions almost 16 years earlier stating that the denial of an honest belief was a problem.

In Dublin we have seen a total breakdown in law and order in certain parts, the plague of drug gangs are infesting the streets and what is the response from McDowell?

It's the judges fault!

It is a sad reminder that Ministers in the 26 counties don't fall on their swords, they simply linger and go septic until someone eventually cuts them off.

If Bertie had the guts he would have sacked him long ago and given him a position to match his talents, perhaps a tea lady?

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