Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no sense!

That is the reality in relation to UUP peer Ken Maginnis who accussed the Police Ombudsman of carrying out a witch-hunt against RUC officers who "defended the public against terror".

This outburst from Maginnis came as the British government braced itself for the devastating findings of a massive inquiry into a north Belfast UVF's unit’s bloody reign of terror.

The Mount Vernon death squad was heavily infiltrated with RUC Special Branch agents, as such, senior RUC personnel will be implicated in this report.

In effect this gang, like the Glenanne gang, were allowed to murder at will with the full knowledge and support of the upper echelons of the RUC and NIO.

Instead of facing up to this reality former UDR man Maginnis likes to place his head in the sand and pretend that it never happened.

According to Maginnis

“The Police Ombudsman’s office has been costly, ineffective and unfair."

“It has brought misery and unhappiness to the victims of terrorism and has persecuted those who put their lives on the line for our community.”

The point is that these RUC men were not 'rogue cops' as some would have you believe, they were part of a policy that originated in Downing street which the British government were very aware of and indeed supported.

Maginnis's attempt to shift the blame on to O'Loan is telling but hardly unexpected from a former UDR man.

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