DUP unfit for Government

In another example of breathe taking hypocrisy the DUP have defended the senior RUC men who have refused to co-operate with the Police Ombudsman.

According to Ian Paisley Jnr they were within their rights to withhold co-operation because Nuala O'Loan was engaged in a "fishing exercise" without any hard evidence of collusion.

This is in despite the fact that the DUP are demanding that Sinn Féin not only accept policing and justice but also are seen to be supporting it. This they argue is a condition for government.

If that is the case then the DUP are unfit for government!!

On top of this Unionism has stopped this issue being debated at Stormont. Yet more cowardly actions from the DUP.

Unionism is practising the age old practise of "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no sense"

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