Brit murder machine exposed to the world

Yesterday many people finally had to sit up and realise that Republicans have been telling the truth for the last couple of decades.

That truth is that the British government through their state agencies colluded and actively participated in the murder of unarmed Catholic civilians.

Nuala O'Loan's report makes for uncomfortable reading but it is nothing we didn't know already. I suppose knowing something and having the evidence of such for others are two entirely different things.

What makes this report even more poignant is that it took a member of the Unionist community to bring it to light. Raymond McCord deserves praise for the courage that he has shown.

It needs to be remembered that this report only covers one area of the North for a very short period; this practise was systematic across the North and indeed across Ireland as a whole.

It hardly comes as much surprise to learn that many former senior RUC men impeded the work of Ms O'Loan and refused to co-operate, their hands are soaked in blood so I suppose that explains why.

I am annoyed though by this pious reaction by so-called Nationalists in the SDLP. Mark Durkan said the other day that collusion has been proved and that it wasn't a 'Nationalist myth', suggesting that the SDLP have been saying this for years which is a bare faced lie.

Let's just take a brief look at the SDLP's role in the cause of justice

-In the 1980's the SDLP denied that there was a Shoot-To-Kill policy

-When the issue of Collusion was first brought up by Sinn Féin the SDLP described it as 'republican propaganda'

- I know from An Fhirnne members, a body that represents over a 100 families of British State collusion that they have been asked to participate and have not bothered their arse

-When an unarmed republican was shot dead by British State Forces in Downpatrick the local SDLP MP expressed his satisfaction

-The SDLP ignored the relatives of those killed through state violence when they lobbied MPs at Westminster and MLAs at Stormont

-The SDLP members of the Policing Board have abjectly failed to deal with the issue and in particular those PSNI members who were centrally involved in collusion

-Their lack of action in response to the passing of RUC/PSNI files on 400 republicans to loyalist death squads

-Hugh Orde investigated 20 cases of serving RUC/PSNI officers for prosecution, what happened to these prosecutions now that he is Chief Constable? What have the SDLP done about this issue on the policing board?

The only people who have been highlighting the issue of Collusion and helping the families has been Sinn Féin. As Raymond McCord said yesterday he got no support in the Unionist community bar Sylvia Hermon, he had to come to the Falls road to see Gerry Adams.

He also admitted that he once believed it was "Republican Propaganda" until it was visited upon his own door.

The political reaction has been deafening but why are people shocked?

This has been Brit government policy for a long time and is not just a case of a few rogue cops and a few bad apples. As Nuala O'Loan said yesterday this went right to the top.

I fully support Sinn Féin's call for the Irish government to bring the Brits to the European court over this issue, let's test the resolve of the Irish government on this one.

Will they stand up for the victims of state sanctioned murder, will they stand up for the people of Dublin and Monaghan or will they do a Jack Lynch and hide in the bunker pretending this isn't happening?

The timing of this leaked report is also significant, the week of the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis on Policing.There are indeed many members of the security services who would prefer if Sinn Féin didn't get involved.

This is the reason why policing can't be left to the SDLP and Unionists.

I spoke to a few legal colleagues in London last night about this issue. We have spoken about Collusion on a few occasions and many of them had the typical naive English view.

Namely that their government would never do anything like that and that I must be mistaken.

So when I flew home yesterday I e-mailed them Nuala O'Loans report and their reaction was telling.

Most of them are decent enough people, who do favour a United Ireland, and accept that Britain's involvement in Ireland has never been a good thing for the Irish.

What some of them did suggest was that Ronnie Flanagan should be stripped of his Knighthood and the George Cross rescinded from the RUC.

Now as an Irish Republican I couldn't care less what honours or titles the Brits bestow upon their murder squads but your average British person needs to ask themselves.

Was this done in your name?

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