There is no London in Derry

I see that Derry city council have taken a judical review to have the cities offical name recognised as Derry rather than the bastarised colonial name of "Londonderry"

There has been some suggestion that the council would need to petition the English Queen in order to change the name.

In court today, Michael Lavery, QC, for the Council said the Royal Charter is now subject to local government legislation and no such petition is needed.

"when the name of the council changed to Derry in 1984 the name of the city established by charter changed and therefore it is unnecessary to petition the Sovereign in order to do so."

There is some precedent for this in case law

It is and always has been Derry, that English King never had the authority to change the name.

I wish the people of Derry all the best in their attempt to remove this slur from their proud city.

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