Sinn Féin meet Orde

Sinn Féin officially met with Hugh Orde today for the first time to discuss the ongoing problems with policing.

Gerry Adams said

“This mornings meeting is about Sinn Féin intensifying our efforts to get policing right. That is about making sure the PSNI is held fully to account. It is our responsibility as public representatives to ensure that there are effective measures in place to catch and convict sex offenders, those who prey on the elderly, drug dealers and other gangs involved in criminality"

“It is also our responsibility to ensure an end to political policing, an end to collusion, to get MI5 out of civic policing and to see an end to plastic bullets and any other form of oppressive policing which has been the experience of citizens here."

“So what we need is a police service, not a police force. We need all-Ireland arrangements,, we need common sense, practical, transparent mechanisms of policing which ensure that the type of abuses people experienced here never happen again."

“And for those families who are victims of bad policing we need truth and we need closure. At the meeting today, which was a frank meeting, we raised all of these issues."

“It is our firm view that citizens need and have the right to transparent, accountable civic policing. The Good Friday Agreement promised a new beginning to policing and today’s meeting is part of our effort to achieve that.”

There is nothing in Gerry's statement that I would disagree with. We need proper policing and despite what the SDLP would have you believe we have not got it. The SDLP jumped too soon on policing, they sold themselves too cheaply (quelle surprise)

I did find it interesting that Hugh Orde said "I need to push my organisation"


Are their people in the RUC/PSNI who are rejecting and working against change?

Since the SDLP have joined the policing board how have they managed to keep the RUC/PSNI in line?

-Have they had plastic bullets banned? like they said they would!
-Have they investigated the cases of collusion? How many times did they raise it?
-Apart from licking the arse of the RUC/PSNI what have they done?

Even if we get the required changes I will never be supporting this police service, or any police service for that matter. I will be making sure they are held to account and that they do their job.

I may accept a police service in the future but I will never give it my support.

Trust needs to be earned!!

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