DUP strife heats up a notch

It seems that the DUP, yes the DUP, has been accused of quashing internal debate and stiffling opinion over the St Andrews proposals.

A group calling itself the Voice for Democracy Umbrella Group said Unionists were disappointed by Ian Paisley`s warning at the weekend that internal dissent would only encourage the DUP`s enemies.

"These claims are just not true, cannot be sustained and any attempts by the DUP to confuse or bully the unionist electorate into unquestioning submission in order to vote terrorists into government at the ballot box on the proposed March 7 election must, in the interest of true democracy and for the welfare of all the people of Northern Ireland, be resisted at all costs," the group said.

"We have over the past few weeks made every attempt possible to engage quietly with DUP representatives at MP, MLA and councillor levels to highlight the deep concerns and confusion, created deliberately or by accident, by the party since the St Andrews negotiations but to no avail."

"Instead the responses have been, and no doubt will continue to be (as with their predecessors in the UUP), to threaten `do you want Sinn Fein/IRA to be the largest party? Do you want Plan B?` etc."

"Such responses to Christian people, people with integrity, intelligence and intellect, people from all walks of life, all of whom who put their trust and confidence in the DUP at the 2005 election will not be accepted nor will they to be used as `fodder` for the advancement of the position, power or financial gains of the few."

"Until that objective is reached the Voice for Democracy will not be silenced by threats or persuasion in whatever forms they may take,"

It seems the DUP have really pissed off the hardcore bigots with their public stance on powersharing.

It also appears that these dissenters are "not going to go gentle into that good night, they are going to fight against the dying of the light"

The only question is whether the DUP will be able to bring their people along with them, at the momemt that answer would seem to be


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