Catholic bishops are not amused

The Church has attacked the new proposed education reforms and described them as a "serious threat to the right of parents to choose a Catholic education"

The nine Northern bishops said the changes would "radically undermine" the Catholic education system.

Some of the proposals include an attempt to limit the power of the CCMS, which I don't believe is a bad thing.

The bishops said "The proposals will radically undermine a long-cherished Catholic education system which has been recognised for the strength of its distinctiveness and the richness of its tradition and diversity as contributing to the raising of school standards and the promotion of a culture of tolerance and understanding"

Now I am strong advocate of Catholic education, there is none than can rival it. A lot of my English friends attended Catholic schools because of their high standards even though they were not Catholic.

It is no coincidence that the best Grammar schools in the North are Catholic, it provides a rich diverse education that places the pupil at the centre.

All that being said the bishops need to accept some change. Education needs to be accountable to parents and pupils not to the local bishop. I do believe that the main fear of the Church is that they may lose some of their power.

We have all seen the danger that is posed when the Church has too much power, abuses of that power.

If these proposals really do undermine Catholic education they I will oppose them, if they merely stop the local bishop from carrying out his many whims then I will not.

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