Cap in hand

I was shocked to find out via Slugger that the Policing board is to ask Dublin to pay £40 million towards the cost of a new policing college in the North.

The Policing Board has decided to send a delegation to meet the Irish government to ask if it will contribute to the cost of the college as part of its promised 1bn euro investment here to support the St Andrew's Agreement.

I am not shocked by the "sponger" mentality but I am surprised that they choose Dublin, even as a last resort. It's just another example of how economics are erasing partition, one inch at a time.

When London says no, which will happen a lot more when Brown become Brit PM, it seems that Dublin has become the only other and acceptable alternative.

I think that under the correct circumstances the Irish government should pay towards it, however it should have a say in its running and have the option of training Gardaí there as well.

A surprising and welcome development that can't help but remind me of my favourite Proclaimers song.

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