Bigots raise ugly head again

I see that the DUP are trying to stop equality legislation from being passed that would stop landlords and hotels refusing people on the grounds of sexual orientation.

A motion tabled by DUP Assembly members Jeffrey Donaldson and George Dawson is urging the British government to withdraw its Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations until a fully restored Assembly can take a decision.

Sinn Féin MLA Caitriona Ruane hit out at the DUP stance and pledged to lead opposition in a debate at Stormont next week.

"The DUP know that this motion not only undermines the equality and human rights agenda but will also stir up the type of homophobic sentiment that leads to discrimination and violence. "

"That they appear determined to do so for political gain is outrageous.

"That any political party, particularly one that would share the leadership of the Office of First and Deputy First Minister which is responsible for such issues, would seek to make political gain out of bigotry is a disgrace."

"People in the gay and lesbian community should not have to take this bullying alone, it is essential that across political and civic society and human rights groups that we stand together to protect and promote the rights of all."

"This motion from the DUP is clearly homophobic in intention and retrograde in nature because the outlawing of discrimination in goods and services against people because of their sexual orientation should be a shared objective."

I agree with Catriona

It reminds me about the times when the signs read "No Dog's, No Black's, No Irish"

In this day and age people are entitled to equal treatment under the law. I know that the DUP constantly hark on about Sinn Féin being unfit for government however I would beg to differ

It is the bigoted DUP who are unfit for goverment!

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