Time to give the families closure

I see that Vera McVeigh has had a meeting today with Ian Paisley in order to try and recover the body of her son Columba.

Columba McVeigh was killed by the IRA in 1975 after confessing to being a British army agent with instructions to infiltrate the IRA.

Ian Paisley has today called for anyone with any information about the whereabouts of his remains to come forward.

I agree with him

I have a serious problem with the way the "Disappeared" have been treated by the Republican movement. I wasn't alive in 1975 and so will not pass judgement on any of the Volunteers involved in this incident.

That said in all good conscience I can't condone the denial of a Christian burial to these people. He may have been a tout however his family was still entitled to mourn him and lay his body to rest.

I believe Gerry Adams when he says that he will do everything in his power to ensure his remains are returned for burial.

The issue of the "Disappeared" is a blight upon Republicanism and one which needs rectified, the families deserve some measure of closure!

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