Split! What split?

It seems that the DUP PR team have been working overtime to try and deny what the rest of us already knew, the DUP is split down the middle.

A section of the Party (Robinson and Co) would sell their granny never mind their principles for Power while the Hardliners (Dodds, Allister and Co) would rather chew glass than share power with Nationalists AKA Catholics.

According to Paisley his party had now "got over this" and members had a better understanding of where they were going.

Which means what exactly?

It would seem that Paisley is determind to turn powersharing into a game of chicken between his party and Sinn Féin, this is a very silly and dangerous game.

Paisley believes that by placing the blame for the collapse of any future powersharing executive at the door of Sinn Féin he will be able to avoid the nasty "Green element" of Plan B.

Not going to happen big man!!

Republicans are in this for the long haul and we will not be deflected by rejectionist Unionism. I have no doubt that the DUP will split. When Paisley retires/dies his party will crumble quicker than Tito's Yugoslavia.

The Robinson faction may well join up with a section of the UUP and the Hardliners will go it alone. The rest of the UUP's "garden centre prods" will be absorbed by "Unionist Lite" (The Alliance Party)

I would advise Paisley not to play chicken with Sinn Féin and the Republican community, he will get roasted!

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