Today marks Remembrance Sunday when many people will remember all dead British soldiers, nothing wrong with that per se.

What is wrong is for people to delude themselves and others into believing that the poppy is only for those who fought in both World Wars.

The Butchers Apron, smeared with the blood of the innocent men it sent to their death on the basis of Rule Britannia

From the Royal British Legion I took the following in relation to Remembrance Sunday and the poppy.

"But we also mourn and honour those who have lost their lives in more recent conflicts. Today, with troops on duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots around the world,"

That means those troops who fought in Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq, where they were oppressing freedom with the British jackboot rather than fighting for it are remembered as well.

Nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of what you are supporting but please save us from these bullshit clichés of "lest we forget"

We won't forget and neither will the Iraqi people!

Neither will the families of the victims of Bloody Sunday, the Miami Showband, Fergal Carragher, the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, Seamus Ludlow and countless other victims of British Imperialism.

I am an Irish Republican, I would not sully my coat with a poppy. It is quite rightly red, soaked in the blood of thousands upon thousands of people who died because of British Imperialism.

Vincent Browne has an excellent article in today’s SBP about the nonsense that surrounds this day of remembrance.

My own great grandfather, for his sins, fought in the first world war in the hope that this would secure Home Rule. When he came back he was disgusted at what had happened while he was away.

He and thousands of other Irishmen were fooled into believing that this "sacrifice" would help secure democracy and equality in Ireland. Fooled by armchair early stoops like John Redmond and others.

He rejoined his comrades in the newly established 4th Northern Division of the IRA and fought the British in the War of Independence.

I remember my grandfather telling me how he took the side of De Valera in the Civil War, even though most of the 4th Northern remained neutral, and helped to blow up Dundalk prison in order to free his captured Republican comrades who had been imprisoned by Free State traitors.

While he later regretted his part in the civil war, because of the idiocy of Irishman fighting Irishman, he said he had no other choice because he was a Republican.

He was an out and out Fianna Failer in his later life (I do hope he sought confession for this before he died) but he was a Republican when Fianna Fail still had some semblance of Republicanism. In the days of Charlie Haughey and Neil Blanney, days long since forgotten.

I never met him and that saddens me but I did see his medals from the War of Independence.

The poppy does not represent him, nor does it represent thousands of other Irishmen like him.

So-called Nationalists and Republicans should remember that before they pin that blood soaked poppy upon their coat.

Remember how thousands and thousands of young men were sent to their death at the behest of their Imperialist masters.

I won't forget but neither will I tarnish their memory with the poppy.

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