Justice!! What justice?

I was angered when I heard that a cowardly wife-beater only get three years, with two years suspended, for abusing his wife.

It seems that the only thing this woman did wrong was to be impolite towards her estranged psycho husband.

This "man" kicked and punched his estranged wife to the ground and then threw a car battery at her because he didn't like how she answered a question, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard today.

Judge White said the court found it particularly difficult to understand how such a vicious assault could be perpetrated in the context of a couple who had married.


There is a long history of many Irish women being used as a punching bag for cretins like the one mentioned. Just because a couple is married does not mean that he won't hit her, in most cases it doesn't happen until they have married.

It's not surprising that we have judicial attitudes like this, Blackstone believed that a husband had the right "to keep an unaccommodating wife in order by means of domestic chastisement"

My only hope is that while he is doing his couple of months in prison, because that is all he will do, is that he gets seven bells knocked out of him each and every night.

He should be whipped in the public square like the dog that he is!

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