I smell a rat, the Securocrats!

I see that Michael Stone, the butcher of Milltown, has been up to his old tricks again. Stone tried to storm the Assembly chamber yesterday with the intention of assassinating Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and god knows who else.

According to reports today he was found in possession of a hatchet, explosives, nail bombs and a handgun.

Only for the brave actions of security guards this could be a very different day today. This was not only an attack on the Sinn Féin leadership and democracy, it was also an attack upon the Peace Process.

I don't for one minute believe that this ignorant cretin acted alone. When he attacked Republicans at Milltown the RUC ferried him there and rescued him afterwards. I am convinced that he received similar assistance yesterday.

I was up at Stormont last week and I was stopped so many times it was unbelievable, yet Michael Stone is allowed to casually walk up to Stormont and spray paint over the walls and then attempt to storm the building fully armed?

I don't think so! This smells like securocrats!

Let's just put this in context

Paisley was on the verge of a deal and then we had the Northern Bank, the only money ever recovered was found on RUC premises. Yesterday we had Paisley about to accept Martin McGuiness as Deputy First Minister and then this happens.

It is also interesting when you see just how divided the DUP are on the issue of Power Sharing. 12 of their Assembly members, including 4 MP's, issued a statement against Power Sharing and in defiance of their Party Leader's position.

I see that Stone has been charged with five charges of attempted murder and other related charges, I wonder will they stick?

Will Stone end up the same way as Ken Barrett? William Stobie?

I smell a rat and that rat is the Securocrats!

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