Collusion is not an illusion!

The Oireachtas Justice committee has said what Republicans already knew, namely that successive British governments knew of the widespread collusion between its security forces and Unionist death squads.

The committee’s conclusions in relation to successive British governments are its gravest. It refers to a meeting in 1975 attended by British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Tory leader and despot Margaret Thatcher.

She was told the RUC were not to be trusted, elements in the RUC were close to the UVF, and the reserve force, the UDR was heavily infiltrated by Unionist paramilitaries who could not be relied upon in a crisis.

Republicans have been saying this for years. The issue of British state collusion is not a case of a "few bad apples" as several deluded Unionists would have you believe. The Brits through FRU and other agencies directed State sanctioned murder against the Nationalist and Catholic people of the six counties.

It has also emerged that the highest ranking RUC man to have been killed in the Troubles, Superintendent Harry Breen, was complicit in acts of collusion between RUC men and Unionist death squads.

Breen and his RUC colleague Bob Buchanan were shot dead by the South Armagh brigade of the IRA in March 1989. They were returning from a meeting with the Gardaí in Dundalk when their car was ambushed on the Edenappa Road in Jonesborough.

Former RUC officer John Weir said Breen was present when meetings with unionist paramilitaries took place and collusion was "laughed and joked about".

Weir claims Breen had connections with unionist paramilitaries, was well aware of other RUC officers colluding with unionist killers and approved rather than took action against collusion.

Weir also claims Breen was present at meetings with unionist paramilitaries during which weaponry was handed over to the death squads.

Weir's testimony was recently authenticated by a panel of international experts investigating British collusion in 76 killings carried out by the notorious Glennane gang in the 1970's.

This is the same Glennane Gang, some of whose members Willie Frazer would have you believe were "innocent Protestants", which was responsible for a whole host of atrocities.

To give a clear picture I will list them below.

04.01.76 O'DOWD FAMILY
05.06.76 ROCK BAR, KEADY
16.08.76 STEP INN, KEADY
25.02.77 Sgt JOE CAMPBELL

Weir has also implicated a former head of Special Branch, Brian Fitzsimmons, who died in the 1994 Chinook helicopter crash in Scotland. According to Weir, Fitzsimmons was well aware of the extent of RUC collusion with unionist death squads but did nothing to curb it.

A former senior member of the British army has also claimed that his military career in the North was ended after he raised objections to the killing of a Catholic man in County Armagh involving British collusion.

A Lieutenant Colonel in the British army, Nigel Wylde had been in the North of Ireland in the 1970's. According to Wylde a sectarian killing had taken place after the British army passed intelligence details to a unionist death squad. After the killing Wylde raised objections and was transferred within days.

Wylde, an explosives expert, also believes unionist paramilitaries involved in the Dublin Monaghan bombings did not have the capability to make such devices and the most likely source was the British army.

Just the tip of the iceberg and quite clearly not just "a few bad apples"

Time to give the families closure

I see that Vera McVeigh has had a meeting today with Ian Paisley in order to try and recover the body of her son Columba.

Columba McVeigh was killed by the IRA in 1975 after confessing to being a British army agent with instructions to infiltrate the IRA.

Ian Paisley has today called for anyone with any information about the whereabouts of his remains to come forward.

I agree with him

I have a serious problem with the way the "Disappeared" have been treated by the Republican movement. I wasn't alive in 1975 and so will not pass judgement on any of the Volunteers involved in this incident.

That said in all good conscience I can't condone the denial of a Christian burial to these people. He may have been a tout however his family was still entitled to mourn him and lay his body to rest.

I believe Gerry Adams when he says that he will do everything in his power to ensure his remains are returned for burial.

The issue of the "Disappeared" is a blight upon Republicanism and one which needs rectified, the families deserve some measure of closure!


Split! What split?

It seems that the DUP PR team have been working overtime to try and deny what the rest of us already knew, the DUP is split down the middle.

A section of the Party (Robinson and Co) would sell their granny never mind their principles for Power while the Hardliners (Dodds, Allister and Co) would rather chew glass than share power with Nationalists AKA Catholics.

According to Paisley his party had now "got over this" and members had a better understanding of where they were going.

Which means what exactly?

It would seem that Paisley is determind to turn powersharing into a game of chicken between his party and Sinn Féin, this is a very silly and dangerous game.

Paisley believes that by placing the blame for the collapse of any future powersharing executive at the door of Sinn Féin he will be able to avoid the nasty "Green element" of Plan B.

Not going to happen big man!!

Republicans are in this for the long haul and we will not be deflected by rejectionist Unionism. I have no doubt that the DUP will split. When Paisley retires/dies his party will crumble quicker than Tito's Yugoslavia.

The Robinson faction may well join up with a section of the UUP and the Hardliners will go it alone. The rest of the UUP's "garden centre prods" will be absorbed by "Unionist Lite" (The Alliance Party)

I would advise Paisley not to play chicken with Sinn Féin and the Republican community, he will get roasted!


I smell a rat, the Securocrats!

I see that Michael Stone, the butcher of Milltown, has been up to his old tricks again. Stone tried to storm the Assembly chamber yesterday with the intention of assassinating Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and god knows who else.

According to reports today he was found in possession of a hatchet, explosives, nail bombs and a handgun.

Only for the brave actions of security guards this could be a very different day today. This was not only an attack on the Sinn Féin leadership and democracy, it was also an attack upon the Peace Process.

I don't for one minute believe that this ignorant cretin acted alone. When he attacked Republicans at Milltown the RUC ferried him there and rescued him afterwards. I am convinced that he received similar assistance yesterday.

I was up at Stormont last week and I was stopped so many times it was unbelievable, yet Michael Stone is allowed to casually walk up to Stormont and spray paint over the walls and then attempt to storm the building fully armed?

I don't think so! This smells like securocrats!

Let's just put this in context

Paisley was on the verge of a deal and then we had the Northern Bank, the only money ever recovered was found on RUC premises. Yesterday we had Paisley about to accept Martin McGuiness as Deputy First Minister and then this happens.

It is also interesting when you see just how divided the DUP are on the issue of Power Sharing. 12 of their Assembly members, including 4 MP's, issued a statement against Power Sharing and in defiance of their Party Leader's position.

I see that Stone has been charged with five charges of attempted murder and other related charges, I wonder will they stick?

Will Stone end up the same way as Ken Barrett? William Stobie?

I smell a rat and that rat is the Securocrats!


Manchester Martyrs, bring them home!

I would like to echo the sentiments of Bandon Sinn Féin Councillor John Desmond who has welcomed reports that the Irish Government may be about to join the campaign to return three of Irelands patriot dead.

John has spent the last 6 years researching the possible return to Ireland of the Manchester Martyrs.

The year was 1867 and Michael Larkin, William Phillip Allen and Captain Michael O' Brien were executed by the British for their rescue of Colonel Thomas Kelly and Captain Timothy Deasy. Earlier that year Captain Kelly had been declared Chief Executive of the IRB and as such the head of the Irish Republic.

At their trial each of the men made speeches before the court. William Allan declared,

"I'll die as many thousands have died, for the sake of their beloved land and in defense of it. I will die proudly and triumphantly in defense of republican principles and the liberty of an oppressed and enslaved people."

These men do not belong to any one political party, their spirit belongs to the long Republican tradition on this island which looks upon these men as brothers.

These men are Irish Patriot dead and form a line of brave Irishmen who have went to their grave before they would sully the Republic, James Connolly, Sean Sabhat and Bobby Sands are other such men.

I hope that these men can be laid to rest in Ireland, a final tribute for their selfless acts made in support of liberty.

Bhoy, Oh Bhoy!!!!!

What a night in Paradise on Tuesday as Celtic not only outclassed and out manoeuvered the best England had to offer (Man who???) but qualified for the next round of the Champions League proper for the first ever time.

They could not have picked a better year, the 40th anniversary of the glorious triumph in Lisbon on 27th May 1967!! Great European nights guaranteed once more at Parkhead with Willie Maley and Bhoys against Bigotry ringing out.

Occasions like this make me so proud to be a Tim and I know that despite what others think I made the right choice when I decided to join the legions of die-hard, life long Hoops fans. After the match the song Raised on Celtic as Celtic got revenge for being robbed of a rightful and deserved point at Old Trafford in September.

I know Gaskin and November Rain are United supporters, much for their sins, but even they must admit Stracho strategically outclassed Fergie and Celtic were worthy winners. People might say it doesn't matter Celtic can't win the Champions League anyway. I say this is true in the same way others said Greece couldn't win Euro 2004 and we all know what happened then!!!

Stracho has built the core of a team fit to build on past progress in Europe. Hesselink and Miller have formed a deadly strike partnership, Caldwell (with the exception of the away game to Benefica) has been solid, Gravesan is the link the Hoops so often missed in the past and Lee Naylor, to his credit has allayed tradition Celt fears over the left back berth. Jarosik and Sno have both pleased when used. Granted its a far cry from when we had world beaters like Jinky, Murdoch, Mc Neill, Gemell and Chalmers at our disposal but the futre looks green The share prices rose by 15% after the game and Peter Lawell has promised the revenue from Europe will go towards strengthening the squad.

Gone are the days when Mc Cann gave us a shoe string budget and gone are the nightmares of bankrupcy that plagued us in the 1990's. With our new training complex at Lennoxtown in the pipeline go out and celebrate because




Justice!! What justice?

I was angered when I heard that a cowardly wife-beater only get three years, with two years suspended, for abusing his wife.

It seems that the only thing this woman did wrong was to be impolite towards her estranged psycho husband.

This "man" kicked and punched his estranged wife to the ground and then threw a car battery at her because he didn't like how she answered a question, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard today.

Judge White said the court found it particularly difficult to understand how such a vicious assault could be perpetrated in the context of a couple who had married.


There is a long history of many Irish women being used as a punching bag for cretins like the one mentioned. Just because a couple is married does not mean that he won't hit her, in most cases it doesn't happen until they have married.

It's not surprising that we have judicial attitudes like this, Blackstone believed that a husband had the right "to keep an unaccommodating wife in order by means of domestic chastisement"

My only hope is that while he is doing his couple of months in prison, because that is all he will do, is that he gets seven bells knocked out of him each and every night.

He should be whipped in the public square like the dog that he is!

An the leader was a Limerick man...

Sorry for my lack of blogging, I had exams all last week and had to return home this weekend for some pressing business.

A Comrade has asked me to point out a date for all Republicans diaries.

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Sean Sabhat and Feargal O hannluain. Republicans annually commemorate this date at the spot where they were captured/killed.

This year a national event is being planned. Interviews have been taken from some of the participants in the raid on Brookborough Barracks and also from local people.

All the information is being published shortly in a booklet. The booklet is a treasury of previously unpublished information.

On New Year’s Day a parade to the monument will take place and the guest speaker will be Gerry Adams. Fermanagh Republicans have a lorry of the type used in the attack and a team are in the process of renovating it. (The original lorry was buried under tonnes of rock in a quarry about twenty years ago.)

The parade will be followed by a presentation to the members of the Pearse Column in Derrygannon Community Centre, where an exhibition of items from the time will be displayed.

As Republicans we have a long history of commerating our fallen dead, none are worthier than the two Republicans mentioned.

This is an event that I hope to attend myself and would encourage other Republicans to do likewise.

Malcolm X has a quote that symbolises the character of those two brave Volunteers

"Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it. "



Today marks Remembrance Sunday when many people will remember all dead British soldiers, nothing wrong with that per se.

What is wrong is for people to delude themselves and others into believing that the poppy is only for those who fought in both World Wars.

The Butchers Apron, smeared with the blood of the innocent men it sent to their death on the basis of Rule Britannia

From the Royal British Legion I took the following in relation to Remembrance Sunday and the poppy.

"But we also mourn and honour those who have lost their lives in more recent conflicts. Today, with troops on duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots around the world,"

That means those troops who fought in Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq, where they were oppressing freedom with the British jackboot rather than fighting for it are remembered as well.

Nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of what you are supporting but please save us from these bullshit clichés of "lest we forget"

We won't forget and neither will the Iraqi people!

Neither will the families of the victims of Bloody Sunday, the Miami Showband, Fergal Carragher, the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, Seamus Ludlow and countless other victims of British Imperialism.

I am an Irish Republican, I would not sully my coat with a poppy. It is quite rightly red, soaked in the blood of thousands upon thousands of people who died because of British Imperialism.

Vincent Browne has an excellent article in today’s SBP about the nonsense that surrounds this day of remembrance.

My own great grandfather, for his sins, fought in the first world war in the hope that this would secure Home Rule. When he came back he was disgusted at what had happened while he was away.

He and thousands of other Irishmen were fooled into believing that this "sacrifice" would help secure democracy and equality in Ireland. Fooled by armchair early stoops like John Redmond and others.

He rejoined his comrades in the newly established 4th Northern Division of the IRA and fought the British in the War of Independence.

I remember my grandfather telling me how he took the side of De Valera in the Civil War, even though most of the 4th Northern remained neutral, and helped to blow up Dundalk prison in order to free his captured Republican comrades who had been imprisoned by Free State traitors.

While he later regretted his part in the civil war, because of the idiocy of Irishman fighting Irishman, he said he had no other choice because he was a Republican.

He was an out and out Fianna Failer in his later life (I do hope he sought confession for this before he died) but he was a Republican when Fianna Fail still had some semblance of Republicanism. In the days of Charlie Haughey and Neil Blanney, days long since forgotten.

I never met him and that saddens me but I did see his medals from the War of Independence.

The poppy does not represent him, nor does it represent thousands of other Irishmen like him.

So-called Nationalists and Republicans should remember that before they pin that blood soaked poppy upon their coat.

Remember how thousands and thousands of young men were sent to their death at the behest of their Imperialist masters.

I won't forget but neither will I tarnish their memory with the poppy.


America regains its soul

I was delighted this week with the election results from the American Midterms. The Democrats have regained control of both houses for the first time in over 12 years.

A massive blow to George Bush's "Republican party" who have been plagued with sex and money scandels all the way through these elections.

It would seem that many Democrats believe that this is a first step towards taking back the Whitehouse in 2008.

I am not really too enamoured with either of the political parties in America, neither would represent my views fully. That said I do loathe the bible belt Republicanism of Bush and Co.

The quest for full Independence in this country has always be a bi-partisan approach with Sinn Féin having supporters in both political parties.

Peter King, a Republican Senator from New York, is perhaps one of our biggest supporters and while I would disgree with a lot of his domestic and foreign policy he has been a staunch ally in the most difficult of times.

I do however hope that Hillary Clinton, who seems like the heir apparant for the Democrat nomination, does not get elected as President in 2008.

I was very supportative of Bill Clinton when he was President, he was very good on the GFA and the Irish question in general. There is just something about Hillary that I don't like, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's there.

That said I do believe that the Republicans will maintain control of the Whitehouse with the nomination of John McCain and Rudy Giuliani .

If Scorcese directed Sesame Street

A very different Sesame Street from what I remember ;)


Sloppy Journalism!

Jesus, the standard of journalism in this country really isn't up to much. Take todays statement from Sinn Féin regarding the St Andrews agreement.

According to Breaking News

"Sinn Féin members approve St Andrews Agreement"

Was there an Ard Fheis and someone forget to tell me?

"Sinn Féin was mandated by its members today to fully support the St Andrews Agreement"

What utter crap! Only an Ard Fheis can mandate the leadership.

If they had bothered to read the statement they would see that we are a long way from being able to support the St Andrews agreement in full.

Here is the full text of motion passed by Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle, I have highlighted the important bits.

“The Ard Chomhairle notes the report on its consultation process and onrecent discussions between the party negotiation team and the two governments.This includes the concerns raised, the progress made and the work still ongoing.

We believe that the process set out at St. Andrews has the potential to deliver the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and to bring about the restoration of the power-sharing and all-Ireland political institutions.

However, there are elements in the document set out by the two governments,which require further work to keep them in line with the Good FridayAgreement.

There are ongoing negotiations in relation to a number of core issues which have yet to be resolved.

Subject to delivery of these issues the commitments set out in the governments’ St. Andrews statement could represent a way forward.

The Ard Chomhairle mandates the party President and national Officer Board to pursue all of this and to report back to the Ard Chomhairle.

We reiterate our view that the issue of policing and justice is a matter for the two governments and all the political parties. Issues to be agreed include a timeframe for the transfer of powers and a model for the department on policing and justice.

Sinn Fein is committed to bring an end to decades of repressive and sectarian policing.We reject any role for MI5 in Ireland or in civic policing.

We want to see democratically accountable civic policing and we will continue to work until we achieve this.

I would agree with the statement from the Ard Chomhairle and to paraphrase another political party.

A lot done, more to do!


Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

Many of you may have heard about the very bad accident that occurred last weekend in Newry, it claimed the lives of two men. One of these men was 24 year old IRA Volunteer Gerry Fearon from Dromintee.

Gerry was buried on Monday in Dromintee in what was a very sad day for the entire community. His coffin was draped in the National flag with beret and gloves placed on top and was flanked by a Republican Guard of Honour.

Over 1,000 mourners attended Gerry's funeral. He was a man who was highly respected in the South Armagh community as well as among his comrades in Óglaigh na hÉireann.

He played football for the Dromintee B team, the same team as my younger brother, and his father Peter is the Chairman of the local GAA club.

Local Sinn Féin councillor Anthony Flynn said, "Gerald was well known in the area and will be missed by all who knew him, especially his family".

The graveside oration was delivered by South Armagh Republican Seán Hughes, also from Dromintee, who said that Gerry was a quiet and unassuming young man who got things done with little fuss. He said that when his comrades came together in recent days to reflect on Gerry, what stood out was that he was always there.

He was in the middle of everything and was eager to do more. No challenge was too great or too small.

Gerry was a member of the same Cumann as myself, he was a valued member of the Jim Lochrie Cumann Dromintee.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all of Gerry's family and his girlfriend Aoibheann, you have been in my thoughts and prayers since this terrible accident occurred.

A nicer man you could not have met, a more dedicated Republican there wasn't.

So long Mo Chara, it was a pleasure to have know you!