Unionist death squad recieves a medal

The UDR/RIR sectarian militia have been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross at a ceremony in Belfast. Now how Britain chooses to honour its state sponsored death squads is a matter for them.

That said I did find it a bit sick when Elizabeth Windsor spoke about these scumbags in such glowing terms.

According to Ms Windsor "Your (UDR/RIR) contribution to peace and stability in Northern Ireland is unique,"

I'll say, unique in so far as the UDR/RIR sectarian militia never ever sought to uphold peace and stability anyway. They were more interested in the sectarian murder of Catholics.

Their members were responsible for the Miami Showband Massacre (In fact their members were actually in uniform when they carried out this attack), the Dublin Monaghan bombings and countless other attacks.

"Today you have cause to reflect on the fine achievements, while remembering the suffering,"

Indeed they do, they have the blood of enough innocent Catholics to make this a proper Loyalist shin dig. Perhaps if the relatives of those they murdered passed on mass cards they might be able to reminisce about how Mervin wasted that "Fenian" and Billy sorted out that "Taig".

Great craic all together

Enjoy the medal lads, I hope it's red to match your hands!

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