Think of the children

I am starting to get slightly miffed with the whole McCartney marriage affair. I don't know which side is telling the truth and to be honest I don't care. My only concern is that of the children involved in this whole debacle.

Do Paul and Heather really think that tearing strips off one another in the gutter press will help their daughter?

I have no time for most family law solicitors; most of them are vultures that escalate these types of situations for financial reward.

I firmly believe that Solicitors have no positive role to serve in these types of situations.The problem is that one of a Solicitors core duties is to act in the best interests of his/her client. Now what is in the father’s best interests and the mothers best interests is not necessarily in the child’s best interests.

I am well aware of the effect that break-ups can have on children and it is for this reason that I believe that the court should appoint someone to act for the child’s best interests.

While Mammy and Daddy are busy ripping their throats out in public the child is forgotten and that is the only person worthy of sympathy

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