They never learn

It seems that the Church authorities have learnt nothing from the last couple of years. I am of course referring to tonight’s Panorama programme which accuses the Church of repeating policies in the developing world that allowed priests to abuse children in Ireland over the past 40 years.

'Sex Crimes and the Vatican', which is being aired on BBC's Panorama programme tonight was partly made by Irish anti-child abuse campaigner Colm O'Gorman. He claims thousands of children across the developing world have been abused by priests because of the Church's failure to confront child abuse.

Mr O'Gorman has claimed that even today, the Church is continuing to protect itself over the interests of children in the developing world.

You would think thought that the Church would have learnt from its mistakes but instead of begging forgiveness for the terrible crimes that were inflicted upon children they seem to want to bury their heads in the sand.

This is not going to go away and they more they try to hide the sick bastards who do this the more they damage the Church.

I had hoped that our new Pontiff would put a stop to this. It does seem that old habits die hard within the Catholic Church, especially the "hear no evil, see no evil policy" that was all to prevalent in our last Pontiffs reign.

As the successor of Peter Pope Benedict should be ashamed of himself.

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