Terrorism Tourism???

It was with much amusement that I read an article in the paper yesterday in which a DUP councillor berated the 'terror tourism' of an Ogra Sinn Fein demil weekend. Is the guy for real? The thing that appears to have caused umbrage to the irascible Mac Farland is Ogras intented republican tour of West Tyrone. With West Tyrone renowned as a basstion of republican militarism it is only likely that some sort of tour appeared on the itineary of events. Mac Farland has his orange sash in a twist because the tour apparently incorporates visiting the scene of many 'IRA attacks against the security forces' and the spot were 'many IRA members were shot by the security forces'. Maybe all the war museums in Vietnam should be shut, US Veterans day cancelled and Mac Farland and his orange chums should cancel their visits to Flanders, the Somme etc. if he takes offence to this tour. Maybe Irish History should be removed from the cirriculumn as well? Its time the DUP realised the value of republican history and accept it!!!

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