Papal visit may annoy DUP, I say tough!

It seems that the DUP are none too pleased with the idea of a Papal visit to Ireland and specifically a visit to the North.

Archbishop Sean Brady revealed yesterday that he has invited Pope Benedict to visit Ireland - and there is speculation that it could take place in April shortly after the final deadline for devolution.

According to DUP sources this may place Big Ian in a difficult spot as he might have to meet the Holy Father as First Minister.

Here's a suggestion, DON'T GO IAN!

It would certainly make a difference from the last time you met a Pope.

Pope Benedict is the head of the Catholic Church, the majority of Irish people are Catholic. As such Ian Pasiley and his gang of bigiots are in no position to decide if he can or can't come.

As the direct decendent of Saint Peter and the head of the one true Catholic and Apostotic Church I would greatly welcome the Holy Father to Ireland, as will many others.

I was also extremely encouraged by his recent comments about child abuse within the Church.

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