Hamas will never recognise Israel

That was the message from Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. In an address to a rally which contained tens of thousands of supporters Mr Haniyeh ruled out any notion of compromise. He also rejected any attempt to remove the democratically elected government of Palestine.

“There are new scenarios, such as an emergency government, a technocrat government, or early elections,” Mr Haniyeh told the crowd in a packed soccer stadium. “They all aim at one thing, getting Hamas out of the government.”

Before the last Palestinian election I had hoped that Fatah would win again, I have always supported the party of Yasser Arafat. That said the Palestinian people have spoken and any attempt to get rid of the democratically elected government is an attack upon democracy itself.

“Our bodies can get tired, but our soul will not, and we will not stop our steadfastness,”

I wish them well in their quest for freedom and independence. If they choose not to recognise Israel then that is a matter for them and their people.

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