Enemy of the Empire

Balrog is not going to take over the BBC, we are going to start our own version.

The Balrog Book Club is starting up. I and my co-contributers (very thin on the ground at the moment) are going to start giving our readers book reccomendations.

It will not just be about political books, it will cover all fields.

I would like to make our contributers a part of this as well. If anyone wishes to reccommend a book all they have to do is e-mail me and I will happily oblige.

To start the ball rolling I would like to reccommend a book called "Enemy of the Empire".

It is a book written by a Senior South Armagh Brigade Volunteer, a first of it's kind in Republican circles.

What's more is that this book is written with the full approval of the South Armagh Brigade, Oglaigh Na hÉireann.

Described by the CIA as the chief technical officer of the IRA, Eamon McGuire was involved in undercover activity for over twenty years. He is the only person ever extradited from the 26 counties to the USA for political activities.The exotic, colourful and secretive life of the CIA's most-wanted IRA man.

I would reccommed this book to anyone with an interest in the subject area, well worth a read.

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