Doc and Bishop have tea!!!

I see that Big Doc has had tea with Archbishop Sean Brady. The reaction of the media has been exageratted and blatantly over the top. While I'll admit it does represent a massive development from the man who was ejected from the EU parliament for heckling the Pope, but in the end its really just a comestic exercise. My views on the RC hierarchy are well documented on this blog, so therefore I am devoid of even one shred of respect for Sean Brady and Paisley did not meet someone who represents me. A much more worthwhile 'development' would be if he sat down andtalked to the people I democratically elected to represent me!!! Then he could ameliorate this be forming an all inclusive executive with those the vast majority of the Nationalist/Republican community's elected representatives!!!! No one buys Ians minor cosmetic PR stunts. Truth is if he'd met Brady and the likes in the late 1960's, instead of spleening his venom on the Shankill and stirring up a frenzy in Divis we would not have had to suffered half as much as we have!!

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