Adam and Eve, not Madam and Eve

I see that the row about same sex "marriages" has led to a case being brought before the High Court. Lesbian couple Dr Katherine Zappone and Dr Ann Louise Gilligan are taking an action against Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners after it refused to treat them the same as heterosexual married couples for tax purposes.

They married under Canadian law in Vancouver in September 13, 2003. Michael Collins, senior counsel for the pair, said they wanted the High Court to recognise the status of their marriage or allow them to marry in Ireland.

They may well have "married" under Canadian law but they are now living in Ireland and are therefore subject to Irish law.

I have spoke on this issue before and received some angry responses, not that angry responses have ever bothered me before.

I am not homophobic, I am comfortable enough in my own sexuality not to be concerned by any one else’s. That said I am a Catholic and I do believe that a marriage is the union between a man and a woman under God.

I always found it surprising that any homosexual couple would want to be affiliated with a heterosexual ceremony. Most gay couples would like gay marriage to be legal because they believe that it will lead to an acceptance of their relationship by society in general.

It is not a case of financial concerns because there is civil partnerships for that, or at least their will be at some point. No, those who are not happy with civil partnerships and want marriage believe, rather foolishly, that marriage will give their relationship in this heterosexual dominated society.

It won't!

We need to address the root causes of homophobia, we need to educate children at a young age that gay people are no different to you or me. They are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister etc

My aversion to gay marriage is because the entire concept is oxymoronic, you can not have a marriage with two women or two men.As far as I am concerned the Government should ban all marriages not conducted within a religious institution because marriage is a religious union, they should shut down registry offices.

The way to create equality is to apply the rule equally, remove religion from government and by association marriage as a religious institution.

All couples should be referred to as civil partners, whether heterosexual or homosexual. A married couple should have the same rights as a gay couples and vice versa.

That way you ensure equality and preserve the institution of marriage

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