Time to take a stand!

I am shocked and angered by the Muslim reaction to the speech that the Holy Father gave last week. We have seen Catholic Churches firebombed, a Catholic nun shot dead and a section of Muslim who believe that they have the right to behead Catholic school girls just because the Pope may have insulted them.

I attended mass yesterday at my local church in London and found a locked church when I arrived, this is unusal in my experience as most church's are opened all the time. Myself and an old woman waited a minute and then the Priest looked out from the top window and came down to open the door. He explained that he was worried about a violent reaction to the speech the Pope gave last week.

The Pope was right to make the speech that he did, it was about opening up debate. Islam is not some kind of "that which must not be challenged" religion. Every religon is questioned and probd and Islam is no different. Muslims have no right, no right what so ever to kill and maim Catholic school children simply because they are "annoyed".

We constantly hear that Islam is a peacefull religion and I know that it is from my muslim friends. Islam is no more violent or evil than certain parts of Christanity. The time has now come for moderate muslims to stand up to these lunatics and fanatics.

I would like peoples views on this and do bear in mind that I am not a pro-western, right wing nut job. My previous posts have made that clear but this whole episode has changed my mind on the threat that we face from radical Islam.

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