Time to play ball or lose the game

I see that the British and Irish governments are busy preparing for what happens on November 24th should the DUP decide that democratic politics is not for them.

According to an article in todays SBP the alternative plan, entitled ‘‘New Partnership’’, would see a greater involvement in the North’s affairs for the Irish government, with economic ties between north and south likely to be especially strengthened.

It is quite clear that both governments and most of the parties would prefer not to go down this road but what is known is that both governments are looking at this as a long term alternative.

It's understood that this new plan or "New Partnership" will involve an increased role for the Irish government in the North, beyond the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement.

As a Republican Plan B would not present me with many sleepless nights. I view this as a win win situtation. Should the DUP step up to the mark and engage with all the other political parties then great, if not then "Joint Partnership" will do just fine for the interium period before a United Ireland.

Unionists need to think long and hard about this, no more stalling will be allowed.

It's time to put up or shut up!

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