He can't be wrong all the time

There must be a blue moon tonight because I find myself in complete agreement with Tánaiste and newly elected leader of the PD's/West Brits Michael McDowell.

Now before most of you rush for the men in white coats to take me away I am only in agreement with him on the issue of Ireland's refusal to give up its veto on justice issues.

The EU wishes to extend its powers and encroach further upon our national sovereignty in the areas of justice, immigration and police co-operation. The Finnish Justice Minister, Leena Luthanen, who is chairing the two-day meeting in Tampere, Finland, said it was undemocratic that a single member state can prevent an agreement reached by all the other members.

Trying to get every country to agree to legislation frequently led to so many compromises that the result was meaningless, she said.

What Ms Luthanen needs to be very clear on is that Ireland is a sovereign country with its own constitution, we don't need nor want an EU Superstate.

We are quite happy to co-operate with other European countries when it is in our best interest but we will not be lectured to by a foreign politican on what we should and should not do.

We have had 800 years of that, no more!

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