Daily Ireland is no more.

I see that after 20 months of publishing, the Daily Ireland has been forced to close. Now I can't pretend this will affect my life too much as I never really read it. I tried it when it first came out but to be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the product as a newspaper and soon switched back to the Irish News and, more recently, the Irish Times.

The one thing I will comment on is the level of what seem to sheer hatred and vitriolic abus levelled at the paper and its owners by people from various different parts of the political spectrum, Unionists and SDLP supporters. The thread on its closure on sluggerotoole is a prime example although there have been many other in the past. The Daily Ireland was biased. Of course it was, all newspapers are. The Newsletter is biased towards the DUP, just as the Irish News rarely strays too far from the SDLP party line. The problem people seemed to have was that the DI dared to express an editoral line close to the party supported by the majority of Nationalist voters. It seems that some would prefer to go back to old days of exclusion and censorship for Republicans, despite their claims to be "democrats". The manner is which they express their glee says more about them than it does about anybody associated with the Daily Ireland.

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