Bye, bye Rangers!!!

It was with much delight on Saturday that i watched the mighty Bhoys totally dismantle what is in all reality a feeble and disorientated Rangers side! In the build up to the new SPL season we were told Rangers under the leadership of new manager Paul Le Guen were going to walk the league and totally obliterate any Celtic challenge for domestic honours. However once again the media hacks in the pro-Blue nose media (the Daily Record in particular) were irrefutably proved wrong. Celtic boasting Thomas Gravesen, Jan Vanegoor of Hesselink and Shunsuke Nakamura totally outclassed a second rate Rangers side. The sweetest of all ironies was Kenny Miller (yes the Bhoy that played for the Huns for 18 months) netting for thr first time in the Hoops against his old employers! Im sure he and many Celtic fans such as myself will forgive him for taking so long to score, now he has done what all Celtic players and fans dream of doing!!
You may wonder why such an article is appearing on a Republican blog site, but in many ways my following of Celtic is interwoven with my republicanism. Through republicanism I became at an early age, acquainted with the music of many great Glasgow rebel bands namely Eire Og, Charlie and The Bhoys and Shebeen. I saw the passion and ferverence they had for Celtic was on a par with that they posessed for republicanism, and it was not long before I followed suit. There are many republican fanzines available for republican minded Celts, one notable fanzine being Tiocfaidh Ar La (TAL), a worthwhile read even for republicans with no interest in football whatsoever. Parkhead has for generations been a bastion for the oppressed Irish community to portray their love for their native country, and the club itself was established to aid the needy Irish community in their dire plight. Many republican ballads and anthems are belted out at Parkhead including: Crossmaglen, Old Brigade, Let the people sing and Take it down. Many of the self proclaimed authorities on 21st century morals have riddiculed and concemned the singing of such songs. Many they claim, are secterian and offensive. I agree that secterianism has no place in any sport, but i wholly disagree with the assertion that republican ballads sung at Parkhead are secterian. They are merely an expression of the marginalisation and subjugation one section of the community has been subjected to. If this were offensive, then so too must the working class anthems sang at many sporting events and grounDS.


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