Bigots pay up!

I am delighted to learn that DUP councillors in Coleraine have had to pony up £2,000 each to cover an £18,000 legal bill arising from a court action taken by Sinn Fein councillor Billy Leonard.

Billy was excluded from the council's Christmas party last year. As a result he took Coleraine Borough Council to court over the decision not to invite him to the event. Reflecting on his victory he said

"Legally, financially, and morally, it has been shown to the public that the DUP mayor acted wrongly. That is more important than the personal loss to the DUP councillors. If they had not been so politically and crassly stupid about this issue, it would not have happened at all."

I am glad to see that even as a lone Sinn Féin representative Billy is leading the fight against bigotry and discrimination in Coleraine.

This was a victory for Equality!

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