It's the Irish Rugby team, not the English!

Poor Michael McGimp has been unleashed from his dour, bland and boring cellar to call for the English National anthem to be played at an international Irish Rugby game. Michael believes that God Save the Queen should be played at Ravenhill road next year when Ireland play Italy.

Now why Michael wants the English National anthem played at an Irish Rugby match is beyond me, I can only conclude that Michael is trying to stoke up sectarian tensions.

I have absolutely no time for Ireland's Call, not for any political reason but just because it is a crap song. I do however accept that Amhrán na bhFiann is not 'au fait' with a section of the Irish people and as such I do see the need for a neutral song in the interests of national unity and togetherness.

I fail to see why Michael thinks that a song which is totally unacceptable to the majority of Irish people should be played.

Michael said that "The Irish rugby team is an all-Ireland team with players from across Northern Ireland. It is only right and proper therefore that for international fixtures in Belfast our national anthem is played."

The Irish Rugby team is indeed an all-Ireland team and the Ulster Branch is a nine county branch so your "Northern Ireland" nonsense is not applicable. The National anthem for the vast majority of people on this island is Amhrán na bhFiann, now if you wish for that to be played all the time I am sure we will be able to accommodate you.

Any suggestion that God Save the Queen should be played is just nonsense!

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