Hijacked event cancelled

I see that the proposed forum, supposed to be about uniting not dividing Republicans, has been cancelled. It seems that the event was cancelled because it was being hijacked by people who had no connection to the proceedings.

Dominic McGlinchey said his decision to speak out was prompted after several days of “reckless and dangerous” media speculation on the event in Toome which was to include “a broad section of republican opinion”.

Speaking to Daily Ireland McGlinchey said the event was “hijacked by people who had no input whatsoever into organising it”. He also dismissed media reports claiming the well-publicised meeting was organised to debate forming a military strategy.

“A lot of the speculation has been very wreckless and dangerous. This meeting was not arranged to debate forming a military strategy,” he said.“It was intended to be a meeting of political minds. The meeting was about the coming together of a broad section of republican opinion, to either agree or disagree. It wasn’t meant to be about Provo or Sinn Féin bashing.”

He also denied that the meeting was going to be a dissident only affair

“It was made clear to everyone who was invited that Sinn Féin are the main players within republicanism and without them being present at the meeting there was no point in it taking place. I wasn’t pressurised by the provisional movement into cancelling it. This was intended to be one in a series of meetings arranged to analyse our past. It was about what has taken place over the last 30 years and the last 600 years. It was intended to be about what have we learned from Connolly and Costello, who talked about having an umbrella where no one was marginalised.”

"In the end, with the way things went, the meeting would have divided republicans rather than united them and the meeting was cancelled for that very reason. “To divide republicans would have been to go against the original objectives.”

I think Dominic made the right decision in this case. This meeting was being hijacked by people who have no interest in uniting anyone, their only cause is division.

I agree with Dominic that we need a broad umbrella so that we encapsulate as many people who wish to see a United Ireland as possible. However as Dominic pointed out Sinn Féin are the major player within Republicanism, any suggestion that we will be sidelined by a bunch of Reprobates is just laughable.

We need to find a common ground on which to build unity but some of these other 'Republicans' would need to examine where they are going before we can begin that process.

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