A brief return!


I'm (sort of) back. Unfortunately I haven't posted at all in the last few weeks and the reason for it is a little unusual to say the least. I was unfortunate enough to have my computer struck by lightning a few weeks ago which more or less destroyed it and we've only recently gotten a replacement. That meant that I wasn't able to post on Balrog and I have to admit that that's a situation which isn't going to change a great deal in the weeks and months ahead. I've recently started a new job and won't have internet access during the week which will severely restrict my posting.

I wouldn't say its the end of my time on Balrog, I still hope to do a bit of posting at weekends but the reality is that I simply won't be able to post at the same level as I did. Hopefully this is a situation which will change in the future but for the time being I'm going to be very much a part-time blogger.

Still I'm sure Chris' views will keep you more than entertained/shocked/angered/pleased and perhaps some of our erstwhile colleagues will pick up the blogging reins again. And of course, there are a wealth of other great blogs out there. I may not agree with most of them but have respect for all.

Slán libh, a chairde

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