Zionists debate about troops

It seems that the Zionists don't have enough innocent blood on their hands as they are debating whether to send more troops into war torn Lebanon.

With Lebanese civilian casualties mounting Israel suffered its first bloody nose yesterday when up to 13 of their invading troops were killed by Hezbollah fighters.

It seems that the eyes of the West have awoken with the news that Israel directly target UNIFL staff which resulted in the deaths of four UN observers.

I don't buy any of this nonsense that it was an accident; they were warned six times that they were shelling the building.I do find this response from the West quite racist, its fine for Israel to butcher hundreds of innocent Lebanese civilians but once a Westerner is killed the shit hits the fan.

These Zionists will never learn with meekly worded statements, the West should hit Israel with tough economic sanctions and demand that it withdraws its war machine. If it refuses then the West should invade Israel and destroy its war machine.

Israel is the only country destabilising the Middle-East and this aggression towards innocent people, even if in the eyes of the West they are only Muslims, must stop!

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