They even mock the dead...................

Another 12th July and few will be surprised by the number of displays of rampant sectarianism displayed already today. Hitting a new low was the disgraceful attempt by those attending the "traditional" (if its tradition it must be right, eh?) 11th night bonfires to burn a tricolour which mocked the murdered Ballymena teenager Michael McIlveen. Burning flags in themselves is bad enough but what sort of lowlife decides to up the ante by writing F*** Micky Bo on a flag and then presenting it to be burnt. These bonfires are not expressions of culture, they are expressions of hatred.

Watching the news earlier, viewers were treated to scenes of what is supposed to be the new, inclusive, "cuddly for Catholics" Orangefest. Its so inclusive and unthreatening that drums in the bands have the slogan "KAT" emblazoned on them. Given the new welcoming nature of "Orangefest" I can only assume this is some sort of welcoming message for Nationalists. Well either that or its expressing the desire that they all be killed. You can make your own mind up. Carrying on the welcoming theme were the flagbearers who showed their own inclusive nature by displaying Loyalist paramilitary flags.

However its not just Orange Order supporters who descend to the depths of sectarian hatred at this time of year. The bitter and hate-filled individuals who were responsible for the burning of an Orange Lodge in Laven must be condemned by all. Their actions were disgraceful and such sectarianism has no place in society.

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