Peter tells porkies!

I see that Peter Hain has been telling a few porkies in relation to policing. In a ridicilious attempt to get Sinn Féin to do an "sdlp" and tip their hats to RUC officers in PSNI uniforms Mr Hain seems to have tried to tell a few porkies along the way.

He claims that the RUC/PSNI "want to engage in this dialogue - indeed, increasingly are doing so, not least in County Derry and in south Armagh"

Now as most of you will know I am from South Armagh, I am just wondering who they are talking to in relation to this 'dialogue'?

Are they talking to themselves in the mirror? are they talking to Unionists or bigots like Willie Frazer? perhaps it is those stoop stooges who sit on local DPP's?

It is most certainly not the vast majority of the Nationalist and Republican people from South Armagh. Hain's attempt to tell lies, while not unexpected is indeed unhelpfull.

Sinn Féin are not forcing the majority of Nationalists and Republicans to withold their support from the RUC/PSNI, that is the people themselves.

Hain is well aware of what needs to happen before Sinn Féin will even consider holding a special Ard Fheis, he should address the outstanding issues. He should not be telling lies because only the gulliable and the naeive will believe that sort of nonsense.

The idea that the people of South Armagh support the RUC/PSNI is only a stoop wet dream!

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