Orangemen rightly banned from Garvaghy Road

I was not surprised to learn that Portadown Orangemen have been banned from walking down the Garvaghy Road yet again this year.

The Orangemen in this area have made no attempt to speak to the residents of this area and so they can hardly complain when they are not awarded for their intransigence.

Unionists are quick to talk about the 'Queens highway' and their right to march but I wonder what would happen if a Republican parade filled to walk along the Shankill road?

Would they be so accomodating then?

Parading in Ireland is a very controversial issue with rights and responsibilities on both sides. What remains very clear is that the only way to seek a lasting accomodation like in Derry is to engage in dialogue.

Until the Orange order accepts that Nationalists are human beings with the same rights as everyone else we will not get a resolution to this issue.

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