Oh, what a beautiful day!

What a great weekend! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed last week. I had an excellent day graduating on Wednesday and int hr process managed to acquire letters after my name. But the weekend really topped it off! I was celebrating a double sporting success last night.

Firstly, Armagh completed their 3-in a row Ulster title victories with a clinical performance to defeat the Donegal challenge. Armagh never really found top gear but they did more than enough to merit an excellent victory in front of over 50,000 spectators. Best on the day for Armagh were Francie "The Rock" Bellew, Kieran "Geezer" McGeeney, as well as Paul "Captain Fantastic" McGrane and Ronan Clarke who scored 3 excellent points from play. The celebrations were definately more low key than in previous years. All Ulster titles are a great achievement but this team has its eyes on the greater prize in September and personally, I believe they have every chance of winning Sam. Certainly it'll take a damned good team to stop them.

My sporting joy was then compounded by the victory of Italy over France in the World Cup final. It was a profitable evening as I'd backed the Italians to win the tournament before their first match so the generous odds of 10/1 mean I'm smiling today! I even shared my hunch with all loyal Balrog readers so don't say we don't provide a valuable service. I'm fairly proud of my World Cup predictions since I foresaw not only that Italy would win, but also that Ghana would be the best of the Africans and that England would fall short.

All in all, an enjoyable and profitable day. To paraphrase Meatloaf "Six outta Eight ain't bad!"

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