As previously mentioned, Willie Frazer has announced his intention to stand for election in the Fews area. This unreconstructed bigot has received the support of the DUP and UUP who have stood down in his favour with what has caught my eye is a comment on Frazer’s web-site which claims that “victims from both sides of the community in South Armagh wish him every success in the upcoming by-election.”

It isn’t exactly clear whether this statement came from the Unionist parties or whether it is another of Frazer’s delusional ego trips but whoever the comment came from, the sheer bare faced cheek of it must be challenged.

Willie Frazer does not receive support from both sides of the community. He has shown on many occasions that he simply incapable of balance. His group exists only for one side of the community and is little other than a extremist Unionist pressure group. Nationalists are hardly likely to support a man who is happy to be stand alongside Loyalist paramilitaries as Frazer did when launching the Love Ulster campaign. As well as this, he attempts to procure the phrase “innocent” for one set of victims only and refuses to pay any attention to victims of Loyalist and State violence.

Frazer will certainly receive some support in the upcoming election. But it will come from one side of the community only and anybody who thinks any different is living in a fantasy land.

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