Hate FM

I see Robin Livingstone has given an interesting insight on the vile sectarian practices which are aaosciated with the "displays of culture" that are eleventh night bonfires and the manner in which the authorities seem unwilling to effectively deal with the bonfire issue. Most notable are the very interesting lyrics of songs played by the publically licensed Shankill FM who "treat" their listeners to lovely melodys incorporating lines like;

There are slogans painted in red, white and blue.
They tell the Pope where he can go and what he can do.
There’s one for Gerard Rice and that’s a different class.
Go take the Lower Ormeau Road and stick it up your ass.

Mr. Livingstone reports that Gerard Rice is to report this matter to Ofcom. Radio stations which are prepared to play this obviously sectarian filth should not be licensed. If they continue to be, it is a clear incitement to hatred. But then where would the 11th/12th celebrations be without hatred?!

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