Frazer watch

I recieved an e-mail from a reader in the Fews area of South Armagh this morning alerting me to an interview that Willie Frazer gave on an American radio station. I listened to the podcast and was disgusted by a lot of it. It is a raging Anti-Catholic station spewing nonsense about "Ulster" and South Armagh.

In the Podcast Willie and his host accuses the 'Church of Rome' of hiding weapons for the IRA and that the Pope encouraged the Hunger strikers to continue with the strike. According to Willie (14 mins) Priests threatned some of the prisnors that wished to come off the strike. They described the Catholic Church of "being up to its eyeballs".

The most startling and disgusting accusation from Frazer (23 mins) was that the ambulance driver who drove the ambulance out to the place where his father had been shot deliberately took his time to get to the scene. He says that he was a Republican and so knew it was his father and let him bleed to death.

This is an attack on the nursing and health care profession!

I have made a few discrete enquires and found out that the Union are furious and are demanding an apology and a retraction from Frazer.

This is a man who is standing for election and who comes out with this nonsense. I have already posted on this site before about the connection with the Gleanne gang and some of those who Willie claims are "innocent victims".

I wonder if they are inncoent because of the fact that all the people that the Gleanne Gang (UDR and UVF gang) killed and bombed were only Catholics in Dublin, Monaghan, Louth and South Armagh.

It is clear that Willie has entered a new phase of delusion and paranoia but that does not allow him to smear hardworking health care professionals.

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